[erlang-questions] [ANN] Ybot-0.3 chat robot released

Alex toyer anotherworldofworld@REDACTED
Sun Feb 3 09:24:40 CET 2013

Hello Erlangers,

Ybot-0.3 released. Ybot - chat robot Github Hubot inspired written with
erlang/otp. There are many bug fixes and features in new release. There are
http supporting added and irc/xmpp over ssl, gtalk supporting and new
plugins, command history and many many more.

Ybot-0.3 chnagelog:

  * New wat plugin
  * Irc ssl supporting --> #16
  * New irc configuration options: {use_ssl, true | false}
  * New irc configuration options: {port, PortNumber :: integer()}
  * New check-site plugin added
  * hacker_news plugin improved. Added two modes.
  * Join to channels with key to irc transport added.
  * ruby.rb plugin added. Eval simple ruby expression.
  * ip.py plugin added. Return Ybot external ip address.
  * stackoverflow search plugin added.
  * Dynamic loading plugins.
  * Added command history.
  * commands_history configuration parameter added.
  * historycommandlimit_count configuration parameter added.
  * Added http transport.
  * Added PASS paraemetr to IRC.
  * Irc private messages support added --> # 24
  * XMPP-muc private message supporting added.
  * XMPP single user chat supporting added.
  * XMPP ssl support added.
  * GTALK support added.
  * New option xmpp port added.
  * New option xmpp use_ssl added.
  * Transport options validating added.
  * Procfile added for Heroku deploying support.
  * Added experemental message parser to irc handler --> #23

Pull requests are welcome!
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