[erlang-questions] "Automatic" recompile app from a console

Samuel samuelrivas@REDACTED
Fri Feb 1 07:56:54 CET 2013

make:all([load]) was my usual way of working until not so long ago.
The main problem is that projects usually come without Emakefiles, but
I had this in my erlang default, which worked in most of the cases:

make() -> make([]).

make(Options) ->
      [load, debug_info | Options]
      ++ [{i, "../include"}, {outdir, "../ebin"}]).

Lately I have been using EDTS (https://github.com/tjarvstrand/edts)
which is truly awesome, but it breaks my usual workflow as it compiles
every time I save, so make gently refuses to compile anything, thus
not load the new code. But edts automatically loads all changes in the
node shell (emacs wrapper around the erlang shell) which is in many
ways better than the default erlang shell, so I now use that and rely
on edts reloading all my changes automatically. It is working well so
far, and is slightly faster than my previous edit-save-make:all



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