[erlang-questions] Data locality and the Erlang Runtime

Vincent Siliakus zambal@REDACTED
Wed Dec 11 11:34:39 CET 2013

Dear Erlangers,

Last night I was reading the following article:
http://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/data-locality.html. It gives a nice
overview about the importance of data locality for performance critical
code these days. So I started wondering how much of this applies to my
favourite runtime (I say runtime because I use Elixir more often than
Erlang lately).

I'm perfectly aware that Erlang's intended use is not high performance,
arithmetic applications and I don't have any performance problems with the
Elixir/Erlang code I write, so I ask this purely out of curiosity, although
I can see having some knowledge about this in the context of Erlang can
have some practical value for cases when you do have some tight loops with
performance constraints.

So could anybody with deep enough knowledge of the Erlang Runtime be so
kind to give some insight in this matter?


PS I already posted this mail yesterday via the Google Groups mirror, but
apparently mails posted via Google Groups don't get forwarded to the actual
mailing-list any more.
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