[erlang-questions] Loïc Poet

giovanni_re john_re@REDACTED
Wed Aug 21 16:42:17 CEST 2013

> On Tue, Aug 20, 2013, at 12:26 AM, Loïc Hoguin wrote:

> Why do you paste us HN discussions? 
> There's no better waste of time than 
> to read programmers comparing "sizes".
> Yes, watching pictures of people smiling is still a better use of time
> than watching people "argue" endlessly (quotes because nobody ever gets convinced). 
> At least smiles improve your spirits.
> Both are spam, though. Spam is bad. Please don't spam.

Well, I don't know, but I've been told 
You never slow down, you never grow old 
Buy me a drink, sing me a song 
Take me as I come 'cause I can't stay long

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