[erlang-questions] How to connect android to raspberry pi

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Tue Apr 9 11:34:04 CEST 2013

Dear Aunty Erlang List,

I would like to write a simple Android Application.

What I want to do is build an Android client running on my phone
talking to an Erlang server running on my raspberry pi.

I know how to do the server bit on the raspberry pi, that's really really
but do not know how to do the Android bit.

Can anybody refer me to a simple( see footnote [1]) and *minimal* [2]
example code for Android that does (say) the following:

   - Puts a single button on the screen of my phone with the word "click"
   - When I press click sends a GET or POST request to a
     web server with a known IP address and port (this will be my
     raspberry pi)

[1] When I say *simple* I mean:

    - All the code is made in emacs by editing text files
    - There is a makefile
    - There are some instructions (that work) which tell me how to
      move the application from my development machine to my phone

What I do not want is:

    - flexible cross-platform responsive designs
    - integrated IDE cross-platform
    - no stupid IDE that asks me questions that I do not understand
    - one click deployment
    - powerful API with bells and whistles
    - built-in security, authentication ...
    - ...
    - designed for non-programmers
    - no programming necessary
    - make your first application and earn $$$ with one click

[2] Minimal means

    as few (text) files as possible - and *with* comments

I want the good old fashion hard method. Sweat blood to make it work,
"read and understand *every* line of code in every file" - no
dependence on libraries - write the code in emacs - automate with

I know I'm a Dinosaur, and I should use Eclipse, but I always get
stuck at the first question when it asks me questions that I do not

I am seeking enlightenment, not ease of programming.


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