[erlang-questions] How erlang gen_server gets "tcp_close" message

Arun Muralidharan <>
Sun Oct 28 08:18:58 CET 2012

Hello Folks,
This might be a simple question, but I would like to know how erlang
gen_server gets the async message "tcp_close" when the server to which the
gen_server has made connections to has crashed. (Ofcourse I am talking
about non blocking sockets here)

>From what I know (after googling too) is that it takes atleast one send on
the connection to get to know if the connection has been reset, in which we
case we get the error ECONNRESET.

But in case of my gen_server, it got the message "tcp_close" as soon as I
brought down the server (kill -9) (Note that gen_server was not sending any
data to the server).

Can anybody shed some light on it ?

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