[erlang-questions] werl.exe home path issue, possible command line option bug

Brian W <>
Tue Oct 23 03:07:11 CEST 2012

The windows domain I am on at work sets these two ENV variables very dumbly:

U isn't always mounted due to travel between locations.

I set this one manually:

A default run of erl or werl gives me:
=ERROR REPORT==== 22-Oct-2012::20:52:08 ===
file:path_eval([".","U:\\"],".erlang"): I/O error

Because the drive isn't mounted

If i try
werl -env HOME "C:\Users\bwilliams" I get the same error

If I try
werl -home "C:\Users\bwilliams" I do not get the error, but my .erlang
does not get executed either

If I run erl or werl from "C:\Users\bwilliams" directory on the
command line it finds my .erlang and runs it with no problem

I've managed to work around this by setting the "Start In" value in
the windows shortcut properties, and start werl from my real home
directory, but I think -home not actually loading my .erlang file is a

Brian E. Williams

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