[erlang-questions] Turning rebar into a package manager

Ondřej Černoš <>
Fri Oct 19 14:20:29 CEST 2012


as someone coming to Erlang after many years of doing enterprisey
Java, I feel like answering your question.

>> I think is what checking out ideas of maven tool (1, 2) will be very useful
>> too. Those guys did a perfect tool for java which does packet and life-cycle
>> management very easy and predictable. I had a great experience with it and
>> it did saved a lot of my time.
> What do you consider good in Maven?
> It is impossible to see any good things in provided links because
> there are only tons of XML.

- repeatable builds
- declarative version management
- it is a de facto standard for dependency management in Java world,
therefore thousands of java libs and other artifacts are available for
maven users
- continuous integration tools integration (jenkins, bamboo and others)
- ability to integrate traditional build tools into maven workflow (ant, make)
- ability to combine public/private repositories
- automatic deployment of build artefacts into repository, if desired
- extensibility through plugins

It is true that XML is not the best format to configure a build tool,
but hey, maven was created at the times when XML seemed like a good
idea and sincerely, it is not The Issue with the tool that is worth
using as a way to refuse it.

Inventing a package manager/dependency manager without taking a
serious look on maven experience and lessons learned would be very
shortsighted, imho.

ondrej cernos

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