[erlang-questions] Erlang http servers

Ingela Andin <>
Thu Oct 4 09:56:01 CEST 2012


2012/10/3, Max Lapshin <>:
> I think, it is a problem about HTTP, not about user contributions.

No the problem is not that we do not get user contributions, but the
lack of contributions
is a symptom of the problem that the for very long the non existing
of httpd resulted in that people did not understand how inets
webserver works and dismisses
it, not because it does not work well, but because they do not
understand how it works.
I still think the documentation is lacking but it is relativly much
better than before.
Considering HTTP and all things surrounding it I would still expect
there to be other webserves around. To compare there are people using
the odbc-application and contributing to it, but there are also a lot
of pople that think a more native API is what they need and roll thier
own. Point is the application has a life outside of Ericsson (in this
particulare case it
might not still be here if it had not).

> This is why users require implementation which is very optimized and
> fresh. It is really hard to write such a basic code of HTTP server,
> that will fit all users requirements for next 3 years

Inets tries to be a small core that should be easy to extend and
customize not a big bang webserver that comes with all the bells and
whistles. The big problem with the fist version of inets was not the
Apache approch but rather the lack of documentation. To make
improvments, extensions etc to an application you need to understand
how it is meant to work.

So point taken documentation needs further improvments.

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP Team - Ericsson AB

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