[erlang-questions] Erlang http servers

Richard O'Keefe <>
Thu Oct 4 00:22:42 CEST 2012

Part of the issue with inets is that at one's very
first look at the documentation it looks as though
nobody is bothering to maintain the documentation.

	Inets is a container for Internet clients and servers.
	Currently, an client and server, a TFPT client and server,
	           ^^ s/an/a/
	and a FTP client has been incorporated into Inets.
	                 ^^^ s/has/have/
	The HTTP server and client is HTTP 1.1 compliant
	                           ^^ s/is/are/
	as defined in 2616.
		      ^ s//RFC /
	Each client and server in inets is viewed as service.
	                                             ^s//a /

At the last count, my Swedish vocabulary was a massive 20 words.
I couldn't even document how to boil water in Swedish.
So I'm not criticising anyone at Ericsson for writing this in

What I *am* saying is that practically every sentence on the
first page of text has something about it that's like a poke
in the eye to the point that for me it was less stressful to
find something else than to read this manual.

The text really needs to be revised by a native speaker of
English who is also a good writer.

Of course, getting that done professionally costs money, and
I paid, oh, it must be at least 0 dollars for Erlang...
Making the documentation sources and the tool chain available
means that it's possible now to contribute to people who need
HTTP (or FTP) services in Erlang by improving the inets
documentation, or it will be when the bug I reported (about
spaces dropping out) is fixed.

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