[erlang-questions] [ANN] Spawnfest 2012 Winners

Fred Hebert <>
Wed Oct 3 03:07:05 CEST 2012

E-Mail explaining who won and whatnot

Greetings everyone

After long weeks of deliberation, judges of Spawnfest 2012 have come up 
with a list of winners and prizes! We encourage you to visit the list at 
The winners have been announced for a while now, but I've been somewhat 
too busy/lazy to come bring the good news to erlang-questions.

I (and the rest of the organizing committee) would like to congratulate 
first and foremost, Daniel Luna, lone member of team ChaosMonkey, who 
won the grand prize for this year. He earns himself $500 of O'Reilly 
books, a GitHub Silver Plan for a year, a Raspberry Pi Cloudant BigCouch 
Cluster, and a VMware hoodie. Many great songs shall be written in his 

Similarly to last year, Spawnfest also received so many generous prizes 
from sponsors we had no choice but to distribute them to many teams. 
Other teams were given different prizes including, an iPad from Basho, a 
ton of VMware hoodies, Github bronze plans, Heroku vouchers, a case of 
wine straight from Argentina via Inaka Networks, Erlang Solutions Ltd. 
training courses and tickets to Erlang factories, backpacks, and free 
months of hosting at GreenQloud. Congratulations to all teams that 
managed to get some of these!

We'd like to thank all participants in this year's Spawnfest. Much fun 
was had by everyone involved over IRC, Twitter, and Instagram 
We'd also like to thank the judges, who took time to try, read, and 
judge each of the projects submitted, trying to coordinate over 
continents to let us know who would win.

Finally, we'd like to thank our sponsors, who help make this contest 
what it is through prizes, but also through support during the event 
itself. Notable mentions going to GitHub giving us all free private 
repositories for the duration of the contest, and GreenQloud for the 
VPSes made available to all teams that needed one.

We hope we're going to be able to have a third edition of Spawnfest in 
2013, and that people from the Erlang community will once again embrace 
it the way they did in 2011 and this year.

And finally, thanks to the sponsors who make this contest possible, 
through services such as repositories, VPSes, advertisement, and prize 
giving to name a few:

Visit Basho 
Visit GreenQloud 
Visit Github 
Visit Cloudant 
Visit Inaka 
Visit Erlang Solutions 
Visit O'Reilly 
Visit Heroku 
Visit vmware 
Visit RabbitMQ 
Visit 99s 
Visit Spawngrid 
Visit Kóði 

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