[erlang-questions] order of processes in supervisor

Tomasz Maciejewski ponton@REDACTED
Wed Mar 21 12:37:16 CET 2012

W dniu 21 marca 2012 12:32 użytkownik bartek <bartek@REDACTED> napisał:
> Hi
> Is there a way to configure supervisor so that it makes sure its child
> processes are started in due order - meaning child B starts only after
> A started successfully and completed its initialization?

This is the default behavour:

"The children of a supervisor is defined as a list of child
specifications. When the supervisor is started, the child processes
are started in order from left to right according to this list. When
the supervisor terminates, it first terminates its child processes in
reversed start order, from right to left." (from

Tomasz Maciejewski

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