[erlang-questions] order of processes in supervisor

bartek bartek@REDACTED
Wed Mar 21 12:32:51 CET 2012


Is there a way to configure supervisor so that it makes sure its child
processes are started in due order - meaning child B starts only after
A started successfully and completed its initialization?

I have two processes of which one depends on the other, so I need to
make sure that B is running only when A is running. I know can
achieve it by monitoring, but I want them both supervised, and when
they are being started by a supervisor B goes into a cyclic restart
until A gets up, so this is not a clean solution. What is the right
way to do it? Start B's supervisor from process A? Or use dynamic child
creation somehow? But then a child process would have to get reference
to its supervisor and call it after it is done - would it be kosher
from OTP point of view?

Bartek Górny

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