[erlang-questions] OpenCL.framework cause my NIF library to crash

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Fri Mar 16 11:34:26 CET 2012

The problem seem to be dlopen, that it must be called from the main thread,
this used to work. Googling around I can see other people have this problem,
the work around for some projects is to run erlang as:

erl -smp disable

However, this is not possible with the cl binding since it require SMP( sending event messages from
various threads )
You can verify that the cl application loads ok with non smp, but then crash with

enif_send: env==NULL on non-SMP VMAbort trap: 6

as it should :-)

Any OTP takers ? Sverker / Björn ?


On 16 mar 2012, at 11:21, Alfredo Di Napoli wrote:

> On 16/mar/2012, at 11:10, Tony Rogvall wrote:
>> I just tried it, and you are totally correct.
>> The cl nif failed to load on R15B Darwin 11.3.0.
>> What Erlang release and OS/release are you using ?
>> /Tony
> Hi Tony, I'm on a Mac Os X Lion (so SDK 10.7) with the latest Erlang distribution R15B.
> I suspect this isn't a problem with your bindings, though, because I'm the same guy who asked you help about OpenCL binding with NIF via email :)
> I've also tried a brain-dead simple NIF application (a stupid app that performs a square of a number), compiling it from command line (so no Xcode involved :) )
> The NIF works fine, until I link ANY Mac OS Framework. In my example I've ONLY linked the AppKit.framework: bare in mind that actually the NIF does not uses it in any function call!
> The result? Abort trap!
> So I guess this could be a Erlang VM bug, related to Mac Os Frameworks dynamic linking process.
> Regards,
> Alfredo

"Installing applications can lead to corruption over time. Applications gradually write over each other's libraries, partial upgrades occur, user and system errors happen, and minute changes may be unnoticeable and difficult to fix"

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