[erlang-questions] Erlang development workflow

Frank Hunleth <>
Sun Mar 4 21:13:41 CET 2012

On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 2:33 AM, Jon Watte <> wrote:
> Does the target machine support ssh/rsync? If so, you could have your make
> file just deploy to the machine after a successful compile.

I can get rsync onto the target.

FWIW, I could probably get most programs onto this board for
development so long as they are command line and don't need too much
CPU or memory. For production builds, I may have to take them off if
they take up too much space, or slow things down, or present a
security or other risk. Obviously, it's not good to have a huge
difference between development and production builds. Rsync doesn't
seem like a big deal to add, though.

When I was asking the question, I was thinking that there might be a
"magic Erlang button" that I press when I want to try out new code and
the button will compile and update state on the ARM instantaneously.
It's sounding like maybe a few updates to the Makefile to sync
filesystems and then the reloader module might get there.

> We actually rely 100% on automated unit and functional tests. We mercilessly
> mock any external dependencies (such as production databases) in
> development. Our deployment pushes to production machines that are
> similar-ish to the development machines, but a cluster of many more nodes.
> The code actually hits end users (a hundred thousand at a time!)
> automatically at some point after I check in and tests pass.

Holy cow. Having that kind of test coverage sounds awesome.


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