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Jon Watte <>
Sun Mar 4 08:33:36 CET 2012

Does the target machine support ssh/rsync? If so, you could have your make
file just deploy to the machine after a successful compile.

We actually rely 100% on automated unit and functional tests. We
mercilessly mock any external dependencies (such as production databases)
in development. Our deployment pushes to production machines that are
similar-ish to the development machines, but a cluster of many more nodes.
The code actually hits end users (a hundred thousand at a time!)
automatically at some point after I check in and tests pass.




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On Sat, Mar 3, 2012 at 1:32 PM, Frank Hunleth <
> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone could share ideas or experiences on their
> Erlang workflow especially for when the development machine is not the
> best test machine. My situation is that I am running Erlang on an
> embedded ARM that has Ethernet and decent DRAM and local storage. I
> can do some development on my PC, but there's special hardware
> attached to the ARM that my code needs to control sometimes. It would
> really be nice if I could have an efficient workflow that lets me
> develop on the PC and run on the ARM with the minimum number of manual
> steps between editing and testing. I'm coming to Erlang from an
> embedded C/C++ background. At the moment, my process is not much
> better than what I'm used to. It seems like there are many potential
> options, and I'm not sure what the best route is.
> Thanks,
> Frank
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