[erlang-questions] Erlang is touch of genius

Wojtek Narczyński wojtek@REDACTED
Sat Jun 23 00:40:14 CEST 2012

On 2012-06-22 21:11, Ingo Jaeckel wrote:
> What about tool support e.g. refactoring, (remote) debugging,
> deployment, monitoring, profiling, code analysis tools, etc. There are
> so many tools supporting the development process for more popular
> languages like Java and C#. Do you think that (due to the language
> itself?) those are not needed for Erlang?
Would you choose to build your house out of straw reinforced poo, driven 
by the perceived maturity of the tools for that kind of craftsmanship?

I do think that, because of the superior conceputal integrity of 
Erlang/OTP, less tools are necessary.

And I do find the available tools adequate.
> Compared to the free/commercial tools available for Java, the Erlang tool chain looks
> not mature enough to me.
Think again. The tools are good enough for Ericsson to achieve those 9s, 
but not mature enough for you.
> I *love* the language itself and achieving nine 9s is great, too [1].
> But don't you need so much more than great language concepts on a
> day-to-day basis when you are choosing the language for your next
> super-cool project?
Yes, you need great libraries, and Erlang/OTP + community effort has that.

Wojtek Narczynski

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