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Great list, Loic!

Two more to add:

Monitoring: Mazen Harake's entop
Auto compiling: Rusty Klophaus's sync

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On Jun 22, 2012 2:36 PM, "Loïc Hoguin" <essen@REDACTED> wrote:

> On 06/22/2012 09:11 PM, Ingo Jaeckel wrote:
>> What about tool support e.g. refactoring, (remote) debugging,
>> deployment, monitoring, profiling, code analysis tools, etc. There are
>> so many tools supporting the development process for more popular
>> languages like Java and C#. Do you think that (due to the language
>> itself?) those are not needed for Erlang? Compared to the
>> free/commercial tools available for Java, the Erlang tool chain looks
>> not mature enough to me.
>> I *love* the language itself and achieving nine 9s is great, too [1].
>> But don't you need so much more than great language concepts on a
>> day-to-day basis when you are choosing the language for your next
>> super-cool project?
> Refactoring: third party projects like Wrangler, Refactorerl - I've never
> had the need for this myself though
> (Remote) debugging: remote shells, dbg, sys, redbug, too many options there
> Deployment: releases are half what we need, the other half is generally
> custom built
> Monitoring: snmp
> Profiling: eprof, fprof, cprof, and so on
> Code analysis: dialyzer, typer, xref, and more
> Erlang also has awesome tools like proper and quickcheck for writing solid
> test suites.
> Erlang/OTP comes with the most impressive toolchain I've ever seen, you
> just need to take the time to learn the many tools. Plus it's very easy to
> build upon existing tools if you have specific needs.
> I'm probably missing many tools, more experienced Erlang developers will
> surely give you more. Erlang/OTP has many gems to find for those who seek
> them.
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