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Thank you very much for sharing this!


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> from:  https://github.com/ericmoritz/wsdemo/blob/master/results.md
> It seems Erlang's connection time is a little bit high.
> Summary ImplementationConnection Time (mean) Latency (mean)Messages
> Timeouts Erlang00.865ms00.017ms 28492940 Java (Webbit)00.567ms 00.835ms
> 1028390157 Go00.284ms 18.503ms2398180225 Node.js00.768ms 42.580ms1170847
> 4299 Python (ws4py)01.561ms 34.889ms10529965208
> Both the Python gevent/ws4py implementation and the Node.js websocket
> implementation failed hard with around half of the connections hitting the
> 2 second TCP connection timeout.
> I expected Go to kick Erlang's ass in the performance department but the
> message latency was much higher than Erlang's latency and we had 225
> unhappy customers. Go only reached C9.775k; close but no cigar.
> I did not know what to expect with the Java Webbit implementation. I
> expected it to perform somewhere close to the Go implementation. The Webbit
> implementation did do much better than the Go implementation but it still
> had 157 connection timeouts which is unacceptable.
> I was very surprised that node.js fell down after 5001 connections and
> that gevent fell down at 4792 connections. Both platforms were specifically
> built to for the C10k problem and both platforms could barely handle C5k.
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