[erlang-questions] Using my own Diffie-Hellman + AES instead of SSL

Morgan Segalis msegalis@REDACTED
Thu Jun 7 12:35:19 CEST 2012

Hi everyone,

As always (for those who remember my old posts), I'm looking to reduce the memory footprint of a secure connection to my server.

I'm right now looking into doing my own Diffie-Hellman key exchange + AES 128-bit encryption over a TCP connection instead of using Erlang SSL. 
Using SSL with this kinda feels like using a bazooka for smashing a fly.

The thing is, I do not really need certificates, since the connection url is embedded in a application, and it is using a proprietary protocol.

Before trying to implement this solution, I would like to hear pros and cons, from Erlang experts on this mailing lists ! (others are welcome too of course ;-) )

I'm actually looking to implement the same thing as here http://blog.diginux.net/2006/11/15/adding-aes-encryption-to-erlang-chat/

Thanks for your help.

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