[erlang-questions] Fundamentals of Erlang - Newbie Introductions

Nycholas de Oliveira e Oliveira nycholas@REDACTED
Sun Jun 3 17:05:47 CEST 2012


On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 4:02 AM, Anoop Thomas Mathew <atmb4u@REDACTED>wrote:

> Where can a newbie like me find information of such basic questions.
> Not a tutorial or like(http://learnyousomeerlang.com/), but about the
> underlying concepts of Erlang.

I like these:


I read these, the Joe's book and I'm finishing the
http://learnyousomeerlang.com/, I believe that
will soon be doing some projects in Erlang.

Along the way I put some code in

Have fun, ;-).

So long and good luck,
Nycholas de Oliveira e Oliveira.
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