[erlang-questions] Default install prefix

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Fri Jun 1 10:09:19 CEST 2012

On 25/05/2012 22:31, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> My configure flags are pretty straightforward:
>      ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-m64-build --without-javac 
> --with-odbc=/usr
> WHY does erlang insist on doing this for the installation?
>      /usr/lib/erlang/bin/./erl
> No other program is going to find this in a reasonable $PATH setting.
> The ./configure --prefix=/usr should assume /usr as the root and bin/ 
> underneath that, just like any other program.   Am I missing something 
> here.
Sounds reasonable to me. On the other hand....

cd r13src && ./configure --prefix=/opt/erlang/versions/R13B01 --etc && 
make && make install
cd r14src && ./configure --prefix=/opt/erlang/versions/R14B01 --etc && 
make && make install

ln -s /opt/erlang/versions/R14B01 /opt/erlang/current
export PATH="/opt/erlang/current/bin:$PATH"
export ERL_TOP="opt/erlang/current"

That way you can swap 'em around easily. You can also use 
https://github.com/spawngrid/kerl for this, or 
https://github.com/hyperthunk/evm (which is incredibly stupid, but 
therefore easy not to get confused by).

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