[erlang-questions] Problem with Emacs/Distel

Thomas Elsgaard <>
Fri Jul 20 20:52:45 CEST 2012

Hi Everybody

After i re-installed my mac (Lion) i installed latest Erlang (R15) Emacs
(24.1.1) and Distel (4.03), but now it seems i have a hard time getting
Emacs working with Distel...

Basically i cannot get Emacs/Distel to connect to my erlang node (running
on same laptop)

I have started my erlang node via C-c C-k


Connect's the node  via C-c C-d n


Verifying the connection with: C-c C-d g

And i am getting:EXIT: <0.5.0> [emacs-error "(error \"valhalla/4369 node
name nor servname provided, or not known\")"]

Any hints? What have i forgot?

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