[erlang-questions] sasl, lager or something else?

Adrian Roe <>
Fri Jul 13 21:16:52 CEST 2012

Lager gets a big thumbs up from me - low(ish) learning curve and for us 
at least "it just works".  Even writing a custom logger is 
straightforward if the default doesn't do quite what you want.

Do read the docs pretty thoroughly up front to get familiar with its 
config etc and make sure lager is the first thing that is compiled in 
your project (or the lager parse transforms will fail in modules that 
try to use it - rebar (and others I'm sure) has easy support for this). 
The way it can trap error_logger calls is nice - meaning you can get 
usefully up an running without having to first change all of your 
logging code.


On 13/07/12 19:44, Dmitry Kolesnikov wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been using SASL for error logger within applications.
> Now, I need to adjust them for hosting by non-erlang folks. It means that I have to adjust logging...
> Multiple alternatives exists:
> a) make text extension for SASL
> b) use lagger
> c) use some other frameworks: alogger, log4erl, etc
> I am very closed to jump into option b).
> What is you opinion about lagger?
> Are there any better alternatives?
> Thanks in advanced!
> - Dmitry
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