[erlang-questions] mnesia and majority

Mike Oxford <>
Thu Jul 12 20:07:53 CEST 2012

When facing a split with 'majority' enabled, you end up with a reduction in
service based on the non-majority nodes.

If the interconnect-network is entirely down, then every node is
non-majority and will 'freeze.'
If the split is, say, 70/30, then the 30% will not update.

But then once the network is back up, does it automatically replay the
missing transactions on the 30% from the 70%?  In a full-network-down
situation where every node halts the write, when the network comes back up
will everything re-mesh on its own?
Or do I need something like Ulf's "unsplit" handlers?  Does mnesia still
need to be patched to support "unsplit" or was that merged as well?

Thank you!

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