[erlang-questions] Does Erlang pure functional programming language?

dmitry kolesnikov <>
Fri Jan 20 08:07:25 CET 2012


Recently, I found an reference about Haskell extension. One thing what they
are doing is asynchronous message-passing. Surprise but they concepts and
high-level architecture is derived from Erlang =)
At least it gave me a clear hit that Erlang programming semantic is right
;-) You are not limited and language supports you
- write pure (side effect less) libraries
- asynchronous or synchronous MP communication

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On 20.1.2012, at 8.39, Ahmed Al-Saadi <> wrote:

 Abdul Fattah:

If you want a pure functional language, look at Haskell. A good indication
that a programming language is purely functional is its use of monads.

Erlang may not be purely functional, but it is certainly pure pleasure ;)

Ahmed Al-Saadi
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On Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 9:42 AM, Abdul Fattah Mahran wrote:

Hi All,
I want to know if Erlang pure functional programming language or not? I
can't find a clear document that states this. If someone can tell where I
can find this information in Erlang documentation it will help a lot.

Best Regards,
Abd El-Fattah Mahran

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