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Tue Feb 28 01:46:37 CET 2012

Wow, so Core appears to have 'let' and 'letrec' - I would give limbs to have that in Erlang proper. Well maybe not, but I would *really* like it. Also 'do' is interesting, as seems to make more sense of expressions that are only evaluated for their side effects.

Why don't we have let, letrec and do in the full language? 

On 27 Feb 2012, at 21:35, Robert Virding wrote:

> I would seriously consider compiling to Core Erlang instead. It is a simple functional language inside the compiler. The compiler is designed so it can take Core code as input. Most of the compiler optimisations are done on Core so having that as your target gives you this "for free". Most legal things you can do in BEAM assembler you can reach through Core. It is actually quite a nice little language. There are a number of tools which work on Core. The language has changed very little and a description of it can be found at:
> http://www.it.uu.se/research/group/hipe/cerl/
> Robert
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>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm a newbie of the Erlang world and I have a question:
>> "Is there an official Erlang VM Documentation?"
>> I need opcodes description and best practices, to use the VM properly
>> in order to build a Python-Erlang (beam) compiler for a university
>> exam.
>> I found a blog listing opcodes [1], a PDF with the history of the
>> Erlang VM [2] and
>> something else but nothing exhaustive and complete.
>> Am I searching in the wrong way? Can you help me?
>> Thank you in advance!
>> [1] http://azunyanmoe.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/erlang-vm-opcodes
>> [2]
>> http://www.erlang-factory.com/upload/presentations/247/erlang_vm_1.pdf
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