[erlang-questions] Thoughts on EHE - the PHP killer

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter@REDACTED
Sat Feb 18 16:45:20 CET 2012

> I've found that mixing Erlang into the Web design part drastically reduces
> the pickings when you need a professional web designer. The erlang
> community to-date hasn't attracted the kind of people who live to design
> beautiful HTML pages.

And not just that but reusing components from others and debugging is
complicated by embedding code in the client side markup.

That is why I've found using a client side MVC (in Coffeescript so its not
as painful) with templates that are pure HTML (like Batman.js does,
http://batmanjs.org/) and interfacing with Erlang only for dynamic data
exchange with JSON is the best approach.

This approach allows the frontend to be developed separately with only
worrying about what format the data sent and received must be. Now your
frontend developer can even just throw test JSON into a basic Node server
to test their work. And since its pure HTML templates you can even view the
site just fine without any server running.

Now you can use any webserver and CDN to serve up your static frontend and
your Erlang code not having to deal with templating or serving up static

Though I am finding Opa (http://opalang.org) and Play! with Scala (
http://www.playframework.org/2.0) intriguing and they do not follow these
rules at all :)

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