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On Fri, 17 Feb 2012 13:09:45 +1100, Steve Davis  
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> Hi Roberto,
> I'm a bit confused by this whole thread...

Me too!

> I'm agreeing with Jesse that since Misultin is open source, it's not
> really in your control to "stop development" if the interest is there
> elsewhere to push it on?

But he is basically the only guy developing it. Practically speaking, if  
he declares to users "move to something else", the project is unlikely to  
recover. Most people are unlikely to argue with the developer and persist.

> I'm also agreeing with Steve that I've not seen any demonstration that
> yaws is somehow "lacking",
> For me, the last interesting benchmark that demonstrated anything
> graspably real was "yaws vs apache".
> A really interesting benchmark for today's "web server" would be, if
> someone were willing to engage in a non-trivial effort, to make a
> comparison of a full-fledged web application with full session
> management and routing capabilities. Note that this would truly test
> the appropriateness of the server's http APIs as well as the base
> response. That kind of benchmark, for me, would seem more appropriate
> and useful according to the epoch.

I agree, there are too may apples and oranges comparisons in these  

- Edmond -

> Best regards,
> /s
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