[erlang-questions] Compile Erlang as standalone

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Wed Feb 15 23:53:00 CET 2012

A *release* will contain the erts libraries for the machine on which is was
built. If you're all working in a common environment, the easiest thing to
do is generate a release (which IIRC the maven-erlang-plugin does nicely)
and have this pushed into your artefact repository (Nexus or equivalent).
Providing the release is configured to include erts then the dependency,
once pulled/installed into the users local .m2 repository is effectively
standalone (and can be used in integration tests, for example, using the

We had to do some jiggery-pokery with the maven-assembly-plugin to get this
working, but I suspect the maven-erlang-plugin might have moved on since
then (and I've not looked at that bit of the build for a long while, as
I've since moved a lot of stuff to rebar + rebar_dist_plugin and a custom
script which deploys the 'artefacts' to nexus by hand using the REST api).

Not really sure (from the sounds of things) if that's what you're looking
for, but I think it's as close as you're likely to get to not needing an
Erlang install. Of course it'll fail miserably if your developers work
across multiple os/architectures.

On 15 February 2012 16:39, Matthew Evans <mattevans123@REDACTED> wrote:

>  Hi,
> We have a situation where we are using Maven as a project management
> system for Java, Erlang and C.
> I would like to allow the Java and C developers to do a build of the whole
> system including the Erlang sources.
> Can they do that without downloading and installing Erlang?
> In other-words can "erlc" be made into a standalone library (it seems like
> erlc needs erl)?
> NOTE: They will not need to build the Erlang/OTP modules, just the private
> modules used in the project.
> Matt
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