[erlang-questions] Supervisor question

kilgore trout kilgoretrout62@REDACTED
Wed Feb 8 12:49:56 CET 2012

Hello List,

I have a newbie question. I've written myself a server process in basic
Erlang and put it into a supervision tree. It all works fine but it always
throws out a crash report on shutdown as it looks like it's not getting
shut down when it should. I intend to redisgn it as a gen_server but for
now I want to know how to make it shut down properly.

In the supervisor's documentation I see the line: "Note that all child
processes implemented using the standard OTP behavior modules automatically
adhere to the shutdown protocol." Is there something simple I can add or
remove to make my server appear like a "standard OTP behaviour"?

Thanks in advance, KT.
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