[erlang-questions] finding module name clashes

Richard Carlsson carlsson.richard@REDACTED
Wed Feb 8 09:03:47 CET 2012

On 02/08/2012 07:18 AM, Vinod H G wrote:
> Hi,
> If i run "erl -pa my_path1 my_path2" and both have same module name
> my_module, my_module from my_path2 gets loaded.
> Is there a way to find out the module name clash or change the default
> behavior?

code:clash() reports all name clashes in the code path. You have to set 
up your path in a suitable order. code:get_path() returns the current 
path. You might want to use the -pz option instead for directories that 
should be added at the end of the path.


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