[erlang-questions] the Israeli programming language Erlang

Zvi zvi.avraham@REDACTED
Wed Feb 8 00:17:00 CET 2012

Wow, Erlang is in US Jewish "mainstream" media :)

The only Israeli programming language I ever programmed in was a
Hebrew-flavored Prolog interpreter developed in Weizmann Institute of
Science.t usi
As far as I know Analyzd do not use Erlang whatsoever (only mainstream
Java / C++).
Anyway it's pathetic to call Klarna "Swedish-Israeli" company just
because they acquired tiny Analyzd.


On Feb 7, 2:38 am, Steve Davis <steven.charles.da...@REDACTED> wrote:
> In:
> http://us.shalomlife.com/business/16634/swedish-israeli-payment-solut...
> There's this:
> "The company’s payment solutions,which are built using the Israeli
> programming language Erlang"
> ...wow, that's certainly news to me...
> /s
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