[erlang-questions] Trie NIFs

ori brost oribrost@REDACTED
Mon Feb 6 17:43:02 CET 2012

I'm looking for a trie NIF library that can support strings as trie
tokens, and basic pattern matching with a '.' like wildcard (i.e. If /
is the trie separator and the tree contains 3 entries: /usr/bin,
/usr/include/X12/XTrans, /usr/include/X11/Xtrans, then I can do

trie:get_all(["usr", "include", '.', "XTrans"])

and it will return


It would also be nice to have a

trie:get_single(["usr","include", '.', "XTrans"])

that returns only one of the matching entries

Does anyone know of such a NIF library? Or something similar enough
that I can modify it for these needs?

Regards, OriB.

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