[erlang-questions] Crash in beam.smp, using x64 version of R15B01

Jon Watte <>
Mon Apr 23 23:27:16 CEST 2012

Our test suite runner seems to produce a segfault in the Erlang VM

I'm trying to port a system currently running R13B03 on Ubuntu Server x64
LTS 10.04 to R15B01. It's time I had line numbers in my back traces!
I downloaded the release and built from source. I uninstalled the R13B03
that came with Ubuntu, and did a "make install" on the built release.
The stack trace is just two frames of the value "0x0000000000000060" so it
looks like a stack smasher bug.

I can provide a bundled directory of beam files and a test runner script
that reproduces the problem to anyone interested in figuring this out!


Jon Watte

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