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Wed Apr 18 12:29:59 CEST 2012


It depends on what do you want to benchmark the system for. If you are
benchmarking at the TCP level, you are comparing some parameters, like
performance, of Erlang TCP implementation to that of another, say, C/C++,
OR asserting the functional capacity of the Erlang TCP implementation,
often you many want to benchmark by changing the environment, like OS,
number of CPU cores, number of worker processes, just to mention a few.

What you want to benchmark really depends on the objectives and QoS
parameters of your final system. You will have decide on that first, before
even thinking of benchmarking.

There are load-generators available on the internet to stress-test your
server, at various protocol layers.

TCP is a stream oriented protocol, and your concept of 'messages' is

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On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 1:49 PM, eigenfunction <> wrote:

> There has been a lot of mails recently about benchmarking stuff. Now i
> am faced with the task of benchmarking a tcp server so i am curious.
> Is there any simple way out there to benchmark an erlang tcp server
> without having to hack some linux script? I was expecting it to be a
> simple task but after i started writing the client, i had to stop a
> think first about what exactly i want to measure. single client
> sending 1000 messages vs 1000 clients sending 1 messages vs multicore
> vs single core and it is getting more and more complicated as i think
> about it. How do you guys go about it?
> Thanks.
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