[erlang-questions] Data structure for domain model

Ilyushonak Barys <>
Thu Apr 12 10:39:57 CEST 2012

Hello, community

I’m looking for the best way to represent my domain model in Erlang.
I use market information – trades, orders, etc. I would like to do the following:

1.      Create structure and fill it with the data

2.      Access specific fields/keys values for implementing business requirements

3.      Translate (serialize) the data to external systems (socket, xml, text)
Actually, I need a good programming structures to work with.

As I see there are two kind of data structures:

1.      Records

2.      Key-Value storage – proplist, dict

The question.
Is there any kind of best practice or design patterns in Erlang how may it be implemented?

I’m from OOP world. Maybe I miss something and I should change the way I see it? I have googled it, and can’t find the best answer.
Could you please share some info about this theme in Erlang?
Also please let me know if this theme is holy war.

Best Regards,
Barys Ilyushonak
Information Technology Division, Troika Dialog


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