[erlang-questions] Troll bait: If your code really matters, you'll write it in C++

james <>
Wed Apr 4 22:44:07 CEST 2012

> A question here, though.  As I understand it, AQMP is primarily used in the financial world, or at least particularly favored there.  Is this true?  And if so, which implementations are particularly popular?

Well, its hard to say.  I've never seen it used, but then I don't work 
at JPMorgan.  RedHat's sponsorship of Apache AMQP should help, but it 
doesn't seem widely used.

I did have interest in it (from a 'bet I could write one of those' hobby 
perspective) but the history seems unfortunate and the very significant 
changes between the definition between 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 don't bode well 
IMO.  Maybe its a sleeper - its certainly nice to see something 
specified with a wire format rather than a borken API in a language you 
don't want to use (for everything). iMatix throwing their toys around 
and doing zeromq didn't help, though they seem to be having 'issues' 
with process on that too.

Maybe it will gain some traction once there are multiple 1.0 broker and 
client implementations and a compatibility festival can be had the same 
way the IIOP CORBA compatibility was demonstrated.

There are more Solace jobs on CWJobs than AMQP (more than zero isn't hard!).

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