[erlang-questions] Process hanging with huge message queue , with current_function, {mnesia_tm, get_dirty_reply, 2}

Ahmed Omar spawn.think@REDACTED
Fri May 27 18:30:36 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,
I have a cluster of nodes, and on some of the nodes i have processes hanging
with current_function,{mnesia_tm,get_dirty_reply,2}
Checking the code of mnesia_tm:get_dirt_reply/2 , this function will wait
forever. It checks every 1 second if the node that is supposed to reply is
still a member of running_db_nodes. If yes, it will try to receive either
the result, exit message or mnesia down message  . And it will keep on doing
that forever.
So it seems to cover all cases, however the process ends up in an infinite
Any ideas?

Erlang version : R13B03 on Linux Debian Lenny 5.0.6

Best Regards,
- Ahmed Omar
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