[erlang-questions] Web Framework dilemma

Giovanni Giorgi <>
Thu May 26 12:17:09 CEST 2011

Hi all,
 I  am new to Erlang.
I have studied it on this great  book "Erlang Programming A Concurrent
Approach to Software Development"

I am a 12 years java software architect, so I liked a lot the Erlang
functional approach because concurrency is an evil beast on
java/C++/python/Smalltalk...all languages I have used a bit.

Now I'd like to play with some erlang web framework.
I have read somethign here

I'd like to try a web framework which follows the erlang-way-of-life,
which can teach me the erlang programming model.

What do you suggest to me?

I get a bit stuck on webmachine for lack of examples.

Thank you!

Senior Consultant

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