[erlang-questions] Re: Common Test Question

Peter Andersson <>
Tue Mar 29 10:56:49 CEST 2011

Hi Jordan,

I learned about this problem just the other day. I consider it a bug
really. An empty group should be ignored, or possibly, the config
functions for the group should be executed (even if there's no test
case to configure for). I have written a ticket on it and a fix will
come shortly.

Thanks for reporting!

Best regards,

Ericsson AB, Erlang/OTP

2011/3/29 Jordan West <>:
> I've recently been using common_test on several new projects and am really
> liking it. I ran across something today I found odd, however, and wanted to
> know if it was the expected behavior.  I was expecting that if I have a
> group with no tests that group should, essentially, be ignored. This seems
> to be the case if the group is contained in another but not if the group is
> an element in the list returned by all/0. In the latter case the suite
> errors out with "Error in suite detected: 'Invalid reference to group [GROUP
> NAME] in [SUITE NAME]:all/0'".
> Is this intentional and if so, why are sub-groups treated differently? Is
> there a reason its not a warning instead? For the most part I'm just
> curious. I do like setting up my groups sometimes ahead of writing tests and
> ran into this when I tried to leave a top-level group empty for a short
> while.
> A minimal code example is below. I'm using R14B02 on OS-X with common_test
> 1.5.3 (I installed today off the Erlang Factory USB stick, thanks for a
> great conference everyone). Oh, and this is my first message to the list.
> Hello, all.
> %% a.erl
> -module(a).
> -compile(export_all).
> my_fun() ->
>     1.
> %% a_SUITE.erl
> -module(a_SUITE).
> -compile(export_all).
> groups() ->
>     [{group_1,
>       [shuffle],
>       [test_1, {group, group_3}]},
>      {group_2,
>       [shuffle],
>       []}, % this empty test list causes issues if empty
>      {group_3,
>       [],[]}]. % this empty test list seems to be able to be empty
> all() ->
>     [
>      {group, group_1},
>      {group, group_2} %% If this is remove the suite won't error out
>     ].
> test_1(_) ->
>     1 = a:my_fun().
>>>  run_test -suite a_SUITE.erl
> ...
> Error in suite detected: 'Invalid reference to group group_2 in
> a_SUITE:all/0'
> Jordan West
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