[erlang-questions] VM ends with 'killed'

Evans, Matthew <>
Mon Mar 14 14:28:35 CET 2011

Are you running with heart?

If so you may want to do your test with heart disabled. I've seen that when heart is enabled it often stops the crash dump from getting generated.

>From experience though, my guess would be a memory leak in one or more processes.


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I have been trying to resolve some run time issues. We are running a
big data load and the VM was crashing due to memory running out.

The first issue was a runaway message queue - so we put in a limiter
that checked that processes message queue and waited til it cleared if
there was overload.

The problem moved to another process whose heap would grow and grow.
Adding a check on the heap size and forced garbage collect appeared to
be the answer.

But now when I run the load, after adding most of the data the VM
suddenly ends with the stark message:

There is no crash dump. What do I do now? Where do I start debugging this?


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