[erlang-questions] Success Stories of Erlang Development

Jack Moffitt <>
Tue Mar 1 04:31:44 CET 2011

> Sorry, my mistake. Google Talk is based on XMPP. Well, at least, the Wrox Professional XMPP Development with Javascript and JQuery says that.

I believe they implemented their own XMPP stack in Java (or perhaps
C++). Erlang is, unfortunately, not one of their sanctioned languages.

My previous startups Chesspark and Collecta both used Erlang. At
Collecta, we used it for nearly everything we did (the next most used
language was JavaScript).  I believe there is a video of a talk I gave
at last year's Erlang Factory about how it was used at Collecta.

One of the engineers I managed at Collecta is now at Mochi Media,
where Erlang is also used quite heavily (and successfully).

Github uses Erlang for various things too.

You should really consider attending one of the Erlang Factories. Most
of the attendees are using Erlang in their projects for something
really cool.


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