[erlang-questions] Any tiddlywiki/tiddlespace fans out there?

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Sat Jun 18 13:57:12 CEST 2011

I've been playing with shared tiddlers at tiddlyspace.com. It's brilliant.
Try playing with it for a few hours - it's great stuff.

I started a shared space at espace.tiddlyspace.com - If you want
volunteer for a project I have in mind take a look there

Shared tiddlyspaces provide an amazing way to organize data and

A tiddly space feels like a smalltalk image - but the way this is
done feels much more "web friendly" than smalltalk.

Now I want to make a tiddlyspace backend server in Erlang.

This (shared tiddlyspaces) seems to be crying out for a
highly scalable Key-Value backend store.

Has anybody implemented the tiddlywiki REST protocol in Erlang?

I would also be interested in collaborating with anybody who has first
hand knowledge of hacking the tiddlywiki front-ends.

The front-end and back-ends are cleanly separated by a REST interface
which allows a very clean separation of interests.

Javascript in the frontend <=> Erlang in the backend


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