[erlang-questions] wx-erlang question

Bob Cowdery bob@REDACTED
Fri Jun 17 11:05:00 CEST 2011


Are there any examples of using AUI where the size settings of the panes
works.  minSize, maxSize and bestSize seem to have limited effect,
especially on the X axis where it is completely ignored. I've also tried
savePerspective and loadPerspective which look good when I look at the
string but attempting to load it back in gives a completely empty window.

I appreciate this is probably a wx rather than erlang problem although I
can't find anything that says perspectives don't work. Should I be doing
anything special with the string or doing something special when I
restore a perspective? I simply save it in an ETS table which is saved
as a file. I have set the {update, true} option.


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