[erlang-questions] Three useful libraries (do they exist?)

Evan Miller emmiller@REDACTED
Fri Jun 3 17:06:34 CEST 2011

I am looking for three kinds of functionality in Erlang. Does anyone
know of a library, or the beginnings of a library, for any of these?

1. Image cropping and scaling - I know that erl_img can read and write
various image formats, but I am looking for something to perform a
resize (which usually involves some fancy math in the resample stage).

2. Rich-text reading and writing - I am looking for an RTF parser.
Ideally it would parse many rich-text formats into a single abstract
format which could then be converted to any of the other formats (e.g.
HTML, Markdown, BBCode, WikiCreole)

3. Sender Policy Framework implementation - The Sender Policy
Framework is emerging as the standard way to verify that email hosts
are who they say they are. I can't imagine writing a serious
application that receives email without it.



Evan Miller

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