[erlang-questions] EPmail-0.1 released

Alexander Kuleshov <>
Sat Jan 29 08:18:59 CET 2011

Thank you Johan for help.

I try to supervisor start_child gen_gsm:

accept(Socket) ->
   case gen_tcp:accept(Socket) of
       {ok, Sock} ->
           Child = {popd_fsm, {popd_fsm, start_link, [Sock, [], []]},
                     permanent, 2000, worker, [popd_fsm]},

            supervisor:start_child(popd_sup, Child),
            gen_tcp:send(Sock, "+OK POP3 server ready \r\n"),
       {error, Reason} ->

My popd_fsm src - https://gist.github.com/801635.

It's work normal only with 1 client. When i connect 2 client and more
it's crash.

I add  {next_state, autorization, State}. in the autorization/2 it's
not crash, but work only for one client.

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