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> Interesting question. Just this last week we published a Middleware
> Newsbrief on combining Erlang with CORBA and DDS.

Integration with DDS is interesting.
DDS is definitely 'sympathetic' to The Erlang Way.
Almost the only things it has in common with CORBA 
are reusing IDL as the message specification format
and CDR as the on-the-wire binary data encoding.

DDS is loosely-coupled publish-subscribe, not RPC.
DDS is decentralized peer-to-peer, as opposed to 
the centralized hub-and-spoke topology for CORBA,
and many other pub-sub message brokers, like AMQP.
DDS specifies a binary wire protocol, unlike, say, JMS.
DDS is designed for low-latency and high-throughput,
and can operate in soft-realtime systems, but it goes 
to the next step and supports quality of service (QoS) 
parameters for individual pub-sub channels, 
so you can explicitly allocate a latency budget 
and configure what happens when messages are late. 
etc. etc.

A native implementation of DDS in Erlang would be fascinating.


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