[erlang-questions] Distributed publish/subscribe system

Toby Thain <>
Tue Jan 25 03:25:39 CET 2011

On 11-01-24 9:54 PM, Kaiduan Xie wrote:
> Hi,
> Any one has experience to build distributed publish/subscribe system?
> The system has the following requirements,
> 1. Subscriber subscribes to the interested topic
> 2. Publisher publishes event related to the topic
> 3. System delivers the event to all the users subscribed to this
> topic. If subscriber is connected, the event is delivered immediately.
>     If the subscriber is not connected, system should persist the
> event. When the user next time becomes online, system delivers the
> event to the user.
> Can you share the experience?

I have done this with single publisher and single subscriber using
pubsub module and ejabberd. The client was a Java application using
Spark for the xmpp library. I would certainly prefer to use the existing
xmpp design and ejabberd implementation over designing, building and
testing my own.


> Best regards,
> /Kaiduan
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