[erlang-questions] Erlang project dependency management/build tools

Baishampayan Ghose <>
Wed Jan 19 08:04:43 CET 2011


> if you want to use faxien to install application dependencies into
> totally self directed locations try this
> faxien fetch-app <app-name> [app-vsn] <path-to-install>
> for example
> faxien fetch-app ibrowse $HOME/my_erlang_lib
> Does this help?

Thanks, that works as expected. Now to the next step. Is there any way
for Sinan to invoke Faxien with a custom directory directive (just
like you suggested now)? I would prefer to have a config file with
just the dependencies listed and ideally Sinan should just invoke
Faxien to bring in those dependencies into a predetermined directory
inside my code-base.

That would vastly improve my workflow. In this respect I like the way
how Rebar works, it lets me declare my dependencies in the config file
and it brings them in nicely into my project directory.


Baishampayan Ghose
b.ghose at gmail.com

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